Saturday, September 5, 2009

AD - HDFC Standard Life Insurance

AGENCY: Leo Burnett

Finally and ad not from Ogilvy. Phew! :) All my previous reviews seem to be around one agency only and I was beginning to think that I had a fixation on ads made by Ogilvy.

But then I saw this one and I liked it immediately. My first reaction to the ad was 'good execution' and a feel-good factor. There are numerous Insurance companies in India now and each has come out with its own version of a child plan. As the inflation and cost-of-living increases we will all need to start planning for our children's education from an early age. I have an insurance plan for both my kids and am paranoid if I will be able to support their higher education.

What did I like about the ad:
  • The family setting in middle class. The target audience is clear and they can identify with the ad.
  • The family shown is your regular next door neighbour family. They have not used some 'model' faces and names. Again makes it easier to identify with the ad.
  • A good representation of a double-income family, which is the norm today. Notice the father relaxing while the mother is working on her laptop. A lot of families will immediately identify with this setting and it makes the positioning of the product very clear.
  • The child is reading a book and there is a huge bookshelf behind. Inculcates a nice habit of reading. As the girl puts the book down and asks the question, you feel that she can achieve that dream.
  • The father's explanation of the astronaut's job is simple and clear and sends a message that this family is learned. It makes the TA feel good about themselves because by that point they are involved in the ad.
  • You smile when the girl says that the ticket will cost a lot and that Raju Mama can buy the ticket. Every family has one rich member and kids think that the rich family member can do anything. After all the rich family member brings them so many gifts that their parents can't give them. You start to think about one such member in your family.
  • Immediately the father gives a solution and you feel happy because you think that taking care of your child and helping her achieve her dreams is your responsibility. You want to do it for your child.
  • The icing on the cake is the acceptance of the solution by the child reinforcing your belief as a father.
All-in-all a great execution of a brilliant idea for an already cluttered segment of child insurance. Kudos to HDFC Standard and Leo Burnett for this idea.

I would rate it a 9/10 for getting almost everything right with the ad.

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