Thursday, September 24, 2009

AD - Bajaj Discover DTS-SI

AGENCY: Lowe Lintas

Now these are called ads. Wow. The first time I saw them, I was struck by the simplicity of execution, the relationship to the brand and the innovative way of showing the key factor in a bike.

The central theme of the new series of ads from Bajaj Discover is the fuel efficiency and mileage of the bike. If you listen carefully you will realise that the key message is that the Bajaj Discover DTS-SI can give you 100 Kms in 1 Litre of fuel.

Now they have tied it beautifully to the secondary theme - taking a leaf from the name of the bike itself - Discover India. The agency has done a great job of finding out these nuggets of India that you and I are unaware of and tying them beautifully to the bike positioning. I have seen three ads till now:
  1. 1 litre can take you abroad - Jamboor (Africa in India) a 100 Kms from Junagadh
  2. 1 litre can take you 3000 years back - Mandori 100 Kms from Mangalore where still Sanskrit is the spoken language.
  3. 1 litre can take you to a place where you don't need petrol - 100 kms from Khalse is Ladakh's Magnetic Hill where bikes and cars can move on their own.
Notice how the ads also deftly pack in the look of the bike with the camera panning the front and back of the bike.

In 10 seconds, the agency has been able to grab your attention with a unique approach, convey the central message of fuel efficiency and mileage, made you look at the bike, make you wait for the next set of ads and most importantly told you things that even you didn't know about your country.

AWESOME! I love these ads and my rating for them is a cool 10/10.

In addition, they have a wonderful website that talks about 14 such places in India, of course in addition to giving you all information of the bike!

Go Discover India!

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