Sunday, September 20, 2009

AD - Asian Paints Sampler

AGENCY: Ogilvy

And we are back to Ogilvy as an agency. This time its the Asian Paints client.

I really like this ad for its simplicity and messaging content. Anyone who has painted their house will identify with this situation immediately. How many times have we looked at the various colours in the shop and though about how it will look on the walls of our house? But we can't, can we ? How can you imagine a colour on a computer screen or on a box unit across the walls of your house and figure out if it'll look good in your house or not?

I hindsight, this option of 'samplers' is such an obvious one that one wonders why the others didn't think about it or why the other paint manufacturers are also doing the same? Sachets have been around in the shampoo business and have found their way into other products as well. Samplers have been there for a long time to get people to taste products or use products so that they can experience a part of it before they invest completely. I remember getting Maggi sampler in school when I was all of 10 or 11 years old and I still eat Maggi whenever I get the chance.

So why not in the paint business? Its been a long time coming.

I like this ad for multiple reasons:
  • It makes sense.
  • Its executed well. Notice how the man takes regular things from the house and asks his wife to add these on to the palette and think about the colour.
  • Notice how the woman screws up her face and says that she can't. The expression and timing is perfect.
  • And finally as he calls the shop he has the quizzical expression on his face.
  • The byline is good: रंग सोचे नही देखे जाते है
  • The ad end with a good explanation of trying out the samplers to get a feeling for the right colour for your house and then buying the complete box for it.
All in all, a good message well communicated.

I would rate it 8/10.

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