Friday, August 28, 2009

AD - Nestle Milky Bar

AGENCY: Lowe Lintas (I think)

Now this one I really like.

In a space that markets chocolates through smooth taste appealing to the kids love of taste or through promotions and toys, this ad stands out for taking a different positioning.

Chocolates, by definition, is something that children love and would eat anytime. They are also 'not good for health and teeth' as agreed by all parents but are also a necessary evil - again as agreed by all parents. So how do you position it so that parents like it and will be agreeable to their kids having it? Nestle's Milky Bar does try to fill that gap through this ad.

In an age where kids are stuck to their TVs and computers, where its the easiest thing to do for parents to give their kids gadgets to keep them occupied, where we all agree that our kids need to get outside, this ad tries to pass on that message.

I like the ad for that message and its execution. Notice how the mother tells her daughter to 'Get out' of the house and how the kid on the cycle proudly shows off his hurt (as the background lyrics spell it out) to the kid showing his PSP. We need more ads asking our kids to step out of the house.

My only negative point is I don't know if this positioning goes well with the chocolate segment. I would have thought that Nestle would have used this ad for their Milk product rather than the chocolate product. I guess the reasoning was that its a Milk chocolate and so straddles both the segments. I don't see parents giving their kids Milky Bar and telling them to get out. I would have seen the connection if it was for Nestle Milo as an energy drink and encouraging the kids to step out.

All in all a good ad for a wrong product.

But just for the positioning, thinking and execution; I would give it a 7/10.

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