Monday, September 14, 2009

(B)AD - Parle XHale

AGENCY: Everest Brand Solutions

First let me start by saying that this ad has been awarded the 'GlitterBox Award' by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). The award is given every year by PETA for exceptional animal friendly advertisements. In the statement released by them they say "The best way to help animals is to conserve their natural habitats and to boycott zoos and other attractions which exploit them. For that matter the new Parle mint ad is as refreshing as is the mint itself"

But this blog is about my comments on the ads and my personal feelings.

I find this ad in very bad taste.

I am sure that the client and the agency were not thinking about the PeTA statement or the award when they made this ad. I think the ad was a clear case of bringing out the 'value proposition' of the mint which is that it refreshes and cools your breath. Almost all the mint ads have the same value proposition to show and they use different ways to say that so how do you stand out? How do you break the clutter and register yourself in the mind of the consumer?

Well, lets use animals as no one has used that for cool breath. If that was the thought, I am sure the creative team could have come up with a much better approach. Why not use the Alpenliebe route of the alligator eating the candy?

The same ad could have been where the boy comes to the zoo, sees the situation, feels empathy for them, throws the XHale into the cage, the penguin / polar bear eats it, exhales and fills the cage with ice and snow, the boy and animal smile as the ad fades away.

Now wouldn't that have been a better approach than showing the animals thinking of their homeland and crying for it as the boy leaves with a smug smile on his face? This ad leaves such a bad thought in the minds of kids watching it. Its OK to make fun of the animals when they are in the cage and far away from their homes. Its OK to make them feel sad and its OK to have the power over them. Its OK to bully animals and show no empathy for their situation.

For me this ad leaves such a bad taste in the mouth that I'm not going to rate it at all!

A 'slap' to Everest creative team for thinking this and two slaps to Parle Marketing person for approving this ad and running with it.

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