Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AD - Bajaj Pulsar DTSi

AGENCY: Ogilvy India

I'm the man by El Espanges - thats the song that plays in the background of the ad. And its a catchy number at that.

I have to admit though that I had to watch the ad a couple of times to get what it was about. The visuals are good but they could apply to any product.

I like the basic concept of the ad. Its key message is speed and that nothing on this earth is faster than the Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 220cc bike. The visuals and the execution support that statement but it takes a couple of viewings to understand that statement.

You see visuals of the police coming in frenzy towards the town but the 'bank robber' is relaxed and slow, as if he has all the time in the world. The location seems to indicate Mexico as the Bank building too seems derelict. The visuals indicate that the bank robber has a lot of charm as he gets away with the money from the teller even after he shows that he does not have a gun. In fact he even has time to put some money in the boy's piggy bank. As he comes out of the bank the police cars and copter all surround him but he has a small smile on his face. He sits on the bike and the next instant he is gone leaving the police flabbergasted as the background dialogue comes that 'He's got away'. Notice the exasperated expression of one of the cops.

All in all a good visual execution. At least it stands out from the same old bike executions of stunts and bike visuals. And therein is the catch. When you see a bike ad, you expect to see the bike up close so that you get a feel for it and an excitement about the looks. None of that happens here. In fact you hardly to get to see the bike at all. Is the Pulsar DTSi a cool looking bike? Don't know cause we don't see it. The only thing we know is that he sits on the bike and the next instant he's gone. That must be some speedy bike. But is that what you look for in a bike when you want to buy one? Speed? What about mileage, looks, style? And I think that's where the ad looses out.

It does not show the bike! How can a bike ad not show the bike?

Even for the speed angle it takes some time to sink in as the only indication is the change in frame - with and without the bike. If they could have shown a simple streak it would have been easier to understand the speed angle.

If Bajaj was trying to exploit the Speed USP then this ad wins just on that message. It stand apart from the rest of the ads and is fresh in its approach. It has recall value and the 'The Fastest Indian' tagline is obviously a take on the movie 'The World's Fastest Indian' which was about speed and racing as well. But I don't know how many will get that pun and also how many will understand the linkage between Bajaj (Indian bike) with Mexico visuals. They could have at least shown an Indian Bank robber to make the connection slightly easier.

I can't decide if this is a good ad or a bad one so am going to rate it at 5/10, if only for the fresh approach to bike ads and call it a good one.

But Bajaj needs to do a better job at connecting and stop being subtle.

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