Friday, August 14, 2009

AD: Limca 'Fresh Ho Jao'

AGENCY: Ogilvy India

The first time I saw this ad I stopped in my tracks to make sure that I saw it completely. The artists, their chemistry, the music, the lyrics and the visuals just seemed to make a complete picture to me.

Coming off the 'Fresh Ho Jao' campaign with Raima Sen where they showed the youth falling into water when they drank Limca, I thought this was a good extension to that story. While the Raima Sen ad targeted the youth and appealed to their sense of play, this ad seemed to appeal to the middle age or should I say successful youth and asks them to go get a Limca and get fresh.

The affluent car, the dress sense and the models suggest a DINKS (Double Income No Kids) target segment and appeals to their sense of play. The ad also build very well with boredom as a starting point leading up to the serenity and peace after getting fresh with Limca. You can almost sense the fact that maybe this couple were having a few issues and needed to jump start their romance which is also helped by Limca. The playful nature of the ad asks you to get in touch with the child in you and live life.

But the key grabbing point of this ad has to be the soulful music, the soothing voice and the brilliant lyrics.

“Fuhaarein, bochharein, nazaaare chura lo na, kuch boondein chura lo na; Thaki si zindagi se, ruki si zindagi se, kuch lamhe chura lo na…; Kuch yaddein, aur sapne, apne chura lo na; Ruki si zindagi se, thaki si zindagi se, raftaarein chura lo na…”

“फुहारें, बोछारें, नज़ारे चुरा लो ना , कुछ बूँदें चुरा लो ना ; थकी सी ज़िन्दगी से, रुकी सी ज़िन्दगी से, कुछ लम्हे चुरा लो ना…; कुछ यद्दें, और सपने, अपने चुरा लो ना; रुकी सी ज़िन्दगी से, थकी सी ज़िन्दगी से, रफ्तारें चुरा लो ना…”

These words and the music just grab you as the ad starts and then stay with you long after its ended.

Here are my perceptions of what the client and the agency wanted to communicate and how they fared.

Target the working successful youth - YES
Extend the 'Fresh Ho Jao' campaign - YES
Capture mindspace of the viewer - YES
Ensure unaided brand recall through music/ jingle - YES
Ensure brand stands out from clutter - YES

I would rate this ad as 8/10.

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