Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Beginning

In the beginning there was TV. Then came the programs. Money was needed to run these programs. The organisations that wanted to sell their products were prepared to pay money. They asked for their pound of flesh and got time to show their products in between the programs.

Soon, the 'TV advertisements' became more important than the programs. And then there came people like me who love to watch the ads, pass judgment on them without knowing anything and analyze them.

I love ads. I love the fact that organisations are forced to convey their key messages in 10 or 60 seconds. There are ads that do this beautifully and then there are ads of which you can make no heads-or-tails.

I will try and view these ads from a layman view and try and pass my judgment on them. I will then try to use my marketing knowledge of 9 years and try to analyse what they were trying to communicate or at least what I think they managed to communicate.

So Ad makers, creative guys, marketeers - BEWARE! Here comes one more critic to add to the mass out there.

Let the analysis begin!

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